Important Safe Harbor Deadlines

A Safe Harbor 401(k) is a popular plan for small employers. It allows an employer to maximize contributions for highly-compensated employees and satisfy non-discrimination requirements by making a minimum contribution, or match to all eligible and/or participating employees. A safe harbor plan also benefits non-highly compensated employees by providing them with a greater opportunity to […]

CARES Act & CalSavers

My hope is that you and your families are healthy and finding constructive ways to deal with the “shelter in place” that is now the reality of how we are living. It has been two weeks in California; I now realize more than ever how much I enjoy and miss the time that we all […]

Alternative Plan Design for a new plan that missed the Safe Harbor Deadline

The deadline to establish a new Safe Harbor 401-k Plan was October 1st and has now passed. However, there is an alternative strategy that will still produce a good outcome. In the first year of a 401-k Plan, an election must be made on how the Non-Discrimination Test will be applied. There are two choices: […]